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From mobile apps to industrial operations systems, the Fluid Flex team is adaptable to varied tech operations, from development, to maintenance or support tasks. Whether it’s an individual project such as website building or an entire portfolio, we ensure an on-time and secure delivery of all the product features you need.

Do you have an innovative idea for your business? Our rich and diversified experience and top technologies and tools help you make that digital transformation happen.

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What We Offer

Front End

We develop engaging, user-friendly and stunning interfaces using powerful full-stack front-end technologies, to boost and enhance business growth. Welcome user-friendly, adaptive, responsive and scalable digital solutions when your business is fueled with an extensive range of front end technologies.


The Fluid Flex team works with CSS 3 and jQuery to create sustainable and responsive web solutions. Being a top HTML5 app development company, we boast years of experience to offer quality yet affordable web and mobile app development services leveraging HTML5 technology.

Angular JS, React JS and Vue JS

The Fluid Flex experts are well-versed with the JS framework. Building dynamic user interfaces and web solutions for different kinds of apps, ecommerce platforms, grand enterprises as well as cross-browser / cross-device development is catered to, seamlessly. We equip with top-of-the-line expertise .

Typescript and WPF Development

We know how painful & irritable bugs can be when they lag the website or hinder smooth transition from one webpage to another. With Fluid Flex experts skilled in Typescript & WPF development, you can leverage bug-free and stunning web & app interfaces to ensure scalability for your business.


The right backend technologies ensure that whatever the scale and complexity of the app, the infrastructure of the app never disappoints. Support your custom projects with the right backend technologies and create an enterprise architecture that is built to last without glitches or bugs.

Java Programming

Whether it’s JSF, Spring or Hibernate, the Fluid Flex team is well-equipped to build swift, secure and scalable apps using Java tools and technologies. we offer bespoke Java solutions using technological advancements in J2EE and J2ME frameworks.

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PHP Development

From high-end enterprise solutions to CMS & other services that need complete backend control, we help you get the advantage of customised applications that cater to your specific business needs. Utilise the features of this structured code for your business.

Python Programming

Automated next-gen business solutions need powerful technologies to support them. We work with Python and other tools such as Pyramid and Django to create stunning AI-powered apps that work flawlessly on any device you choose.

Node JS

This is one programming language that sustains and supports many app backends. Our skilled experts will help you create and maintain apps in real time with a code that is compatible on several platforms together. Hire Node.js developers from us to build load-bearing infrastructure.

Ruby on Rails

Another notable framework, this web-app programming solution can be the key to database-backed web apps and web pages that are faster and smoother. Ruby on Rails development ensures innovative features are a part of your web application whether that is a database table creation or a migration.

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.NET Development

Need a customised Windows-based app? Trust the .NET framework to give you scalability, security and slickness coupled with enhanced performance every time. The Fluid Flex team takes care to ensure that our hands-on experience with .NET gives you the multi-tasking app solutions you need.

Database Design and Development

The database design is a crucial aspect for every startup or enterprise, to help them align their business goals with the data in hand. We help you have quicker and simpler access to complex data so you can focus on achieving your business objectives and make well-informed and cost-effective decisions.

Microsoft SQL Server

If most of your business data uses Microsoft platforms, we help you break down data silos, & enjoy power-packed, industry-leading performance. This way, you can improve the stability & response time of your database as we set it up on cloud & local servers without any changes to your applications.

Firebase Development

Cloud servers are a boon to database access and we work with you to get the best of it, so even with remote working, you can access data directly from the cloud. What you get with Firebase is a real-time database that stores and updates data on the cloud and can be used on Android, iOS, and also the web.

Redis Development

This open-source key value data storage facility enables fast & powerful real-time applications in diverse industry verticals from gaming, fintech & social media to healthcare, IoT & ad-tech. Fluid Flex team can help you manipulate, analyse & migrate data from any source to handle real-time AI & ML capabilities.

Dynamo Development

If swifter app functionality is what you’re looking for, the DynamoDB Development is your best choice as it heavily supports document data and is a user-friendly solution for high-performing websites and applications, among others. We serve any level of request traffic enabling precise Amazon DynamoDB development services.

PostgreSQL Development

This open-source database system is known for its reliability, strong features and power-packed performance. The Fluid Flex experts develop applications, query data, sort result sets, filter rows, join multiple tables and manage database tables effectively so data can be stored, retrieved and analysed any time effortlessly.

Mongo Development

This database development platform is built to support transactional websites, search and analytics. It’s also mobile-friendly, especially as it uses a popular query interface and a data model that the tech mavens at Fluid Flex love to work with. Managing documents, modifying and processing real-time data is much easier & simpler.

Oracle Database System

Access large-scale data without the fear of a failing system when you embrace the Oracle DB Development system. This multi-model database management system enables its users to reduce workloads and simplify complex database environments. Prevent data security breaches, get a single solution for different types of data and deploy your Oracle database in a data centre, public or private cloud to give you the advantage of scalability and a wide array of capabilities.


Trust our tech experts at Fluid Labs to help you build CMS systems for large-scale apps and customise themes, ensuring agile methodologies are effectively catered to, workflows are automated and technologies are integrated well with one another. 

Shopify Development

Create, manage & modify web content with Shopify CMS, the versatile ecommerce platform. Use the power of the Shopify dashboard to help you build, design & publish your site through the Shopify platform. Our tech experts can create an online store for you with several products, payment processing & shipping features along with a great variety of apps, all stored on Shopify’s cloud which can be accessed anytime.


Get technological expertise for building dynamic, user-friendly websites on award-winning Joomla CMS. The Fluid Flex team can create plug-ins, modules and extensions to extend the Joomla functionalities for complex websites and powerful applications, whether they are corporate sites, news sites or an online store application. Protect your site from bugs, spams, automatic backup implementations.

Umbraco Programming

A leading open-source content management system offers you everything you need to create a feature-rich and intuitive website. Built on .NET framework, written in C#, Umbraco offers security, scalability and high-end features with its flexibility and versatile integration possibilities for truly customised solutions. We help businesses with CRM and ERP integration services too.

Drupal Development

Using this feature-rich and flexible CMS, we craft some of the most ambitious, super performant and elegant web and app experiences with an advanced caching API support and top-notch security. Multiple integration capabilities and customisation possibilities make this API-first CMS one of the most futuristic frameworks to ever exist.

Wordpress Programming

Develop the web content or a blog page for your site with top quality content development and personalised solutions based on your industry vertical, site preferences or products / services. This leading CMS is known for feasible organisation and simple management of web content while making navigation on the site easier than ever.

Magento Development

Creating and publishing digital content becomes easier with the excellent content management capabilities that Magento offers. From product descriptions, managing customer info, and maintaining product catalogues, to processing orders, setting ecommerce promotions and press releases with company announcements.

Mobile Solutions

Intuitive, cross-platform and easy-to-navigate mobile app solutions are always backed by advanced and powerful tech tools and tech experts who are skilled to work on different mobile technologies.

Android and iOS

Expand your reach with specific mobile / tablet apps created for both the Android & iOS users. Our Fluid Flex team creates engaging apps for your smartphones, tablets, iPhone, iPads, Android wearables, Apple watches, Apple/Android TV, using AI & ML-integrated systems. We help you scale your idea in a way that you can achieve your goals.

Xamarin App Programming

This open-source cross-platform, is great for building Android & iOS apps using .NET & C# languages. Xamarin extends the .NET developer platform with tools, programming languages & libraries so native, cross-platform mobile apps can be developed with a shared native user interface integrated with modern backend services.

React Native

If you are looking to offer a smooth and easily navigable interface, React Native is the technology to choose. The best part? React Native gives you the chance to have an app that works both on iOS and Android without the need to build two separate apps, thus delivering multi-platform experience and an incredible UI / UX performance.

Ionic Apps Programming

Open source ionic provides an extensive library of mobile-responsive UI templates, gestures, components and tools that help to build highly interactive and fast, cross-platform and hybrid apps that look and feel at home whether you use them on mobile, tablet and desktops.

Flutter Development

Transform the process of app development with this faster feature-shipping framework that works on several platforms from Android, iOS to Linux, Windows and macOS. Its native performance lends stunning animations, adaptive and intuitive designs.

DevOps and Infrastructure

Our DevOps team ensures complete infrastructure management and flawless execution. They work on breaking down silos for business agility and seamless workflows for greater tech efficiencies. This includes collaborating on automating infrastructure for different product features, managing different configurations, looking at analytics for reducing the number of servers processing data, setting up hybrid cloud management systems and monitoring services running on their own servers as well as gathering server and application metrics.

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We help you build hybrid, on-premises & multi-cloud apps using Azure that backs up innovative app solutions with a strong security. Our Azure DevOps solutions lets you share codes, track work, control data sources and more.


Based on the idea that you should be able to use your preferred frameworks and tools for testing native apps, Appium is an open-source tool to deliver mobile apps with superlative performance and high adaptability.


A Continuous Integration tool, Hudson supports a wide range of plugins, boosts the building & testing changes in the source code. Each time a new module is worked upon, the continuous Integration in Hudson ensures zero defects.


This open-source software in Java is super flexible with the option of multiple plugins. Highly customisable, Jenkins integrates different tools needed for development & build, testing & quality assurance as well as packaging, analysing & deploying. This means UI tests, continuous integration & delivery can all be made possible.

Google Cloud

Google Cloud increases collaboration between the development & the operations team to enable frequent & faster software development, to help businesses ease out their digital transformation journey. DevOps smoothens the app deployment process, improving the business ROI in the process.


One of the most promising ways to test web user interfaces in DevOps is by using this tool. Our Dev team is skilled at working on automating web applications testing to synchronise their test design and execution using Selenium API with continuous integration or continuous delivery tools.


By using the AWS DevOps tool, our software experts can seamlessly implement end-to-end processes. As with AWS (Amazon Web Services), there is the advantage of cloud computing and access to richly-featured services across data centres worldwide. Startups, enterprises and PSUs can implement industry use cases with scalability on AWS.


Whether you’re looking to manufacture Android applications or run Gradle assemble document, Gradle can work with different contents & is known for being a flexible build automation tool for creating, testing & deploying software projects. Gradle can build automation in several programming languages. The Fluid Flex team is well-versed with Ant and Maven to ensure quicker software release using Gradle.

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We prototype, design, and develop mobile applications using featured technologies or today’s day and age. Some of them are Swift, PhoneGap, ReactNative, and more.


Our backend  developers give niche and great importance to backend technologies for successful software in Java, Nodejs,  Python, Laravel, Django, and Flask etc.


Technology Landscapes

As technology is swapping rapidly. We at Fluid Labs bring the dream of our clients to an edge of existence in a minute. And we make it happen through our technology realm. Coder(s), Designer(s), and Innovator(s) at Fluid Labs uses the present-day technologies for your mobile and web software development needs. 

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To achieve a visually appealing, interactive user-friendly interface, we give great importance to frontend techs like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. 

Infra and DevOps

For faster, efficient, and secure software development, we use excellent DevOps tools and methods with the support of automating infrastructure.


Our niche in developing great apps and web experiences comes from expertise database technologies to pitch your project needs flexibility.


All our IT solutions comprises high-end CMS tools that help enterprises to manage and move-ahead with their digital content with ease.

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